When do I need to use heels?

    19/10 When do I need to use heels?

    stiletto-high-heels-shoes-1stiletto-high-heels-shoes-1Like diamonds, high heels are one of the women best friends. By wearing them, you get an excellent posture and you feel more powerful. So, use and abuse them during auditions, especially to get more confident! Choose heels that are comfortable to you. If you find it difficult to walk on those (or you don’t feel secure enough, choose lower heels.)
    In auditions for runways or fashion editorials, you should wear them. The evaluators want to find out if you really master this technique. In commercial auditions, there’s no need to do so. Still, even lower heels make a great change in your posture.
    When you’re working, it’s good to wear comfortable shoes. There’s no need to wear high heels, but you should carry a pair with you in your purse. A few times, I had to wear mine during some jobs, when I couldn’t have imagined I would need them!


    Do I have to do many castings to get a job?


    Probably, you’ll have to go through tons of castings to get your first jobs, but don’t let this bring you down. When you get to an agency, the first thing they tell you is that the average of jobs to castings is 1/20 (that is, in 20 castings you face, you get one job). They say that this is true even for Gisele Bündchen. When she was beginning her career, it took her several months to get her first job (I don’t know if this is really true).


    When do I get my first payment?


    It should be paid a month after the job, but most agencies take longer. Expect to get paid three months after you’ve done the job. This way, you avoid upsetting yourself. There’s no use in complaining. The agency says that the client hasn’t paid; the client says he has paid 15 days after the job… It’s always like this.